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In The Trenches Enrichment

Kabomb Consulting is born of the long and lone wolf pace of creating a dynasty. The fire in our belly comes from the highs and many lows of calling your own shots, handling your other obligations (family, day job, mortgage etc.) and those doubtful times, when you start to convince yourself maybe your boss really isn’t so bad. But if you’re like us, then you’re not happy with staying in your lane. We can’t drive 55 either…

Brand X Marketing

We know you’re within spitting distance of hitting some Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, or other online meteoric influencer gushing business dos and don’ts and then asking for your credit card. We don’t run our enterprise that way. How about if someone actually “Showed you the money FIRST.” Yea.

We complete you.

Underdogs Welcomed Here

It takes a certain someone to start ANY venture. Especially those of us with “life” going on. Then spending whatever AA batteries left in our brains writing plans, finding funding, sealing alliances and moving forward with the notion this widget, gizmo or helluva idea will be your “Get Outta Day Job, Mediocrity, Jail” card. Kabomb Consulting can help you to your Boardwalk, and out of St. James Place.

Tell Us Your Story. We Are Here to Listen.

Helping You Find Solutions.

Kabomb Consulting understands the trials and tribulations of wanting to build your legacy, of making sure EVERYONE WINS in the deal and having a solid exit strategy.

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