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“I launched my event design & rental company with Lisa as my marketing writer. She creatively and articulately crafted my brochures and did an outstanding job with designing the details of my website. 

Lisa’s has an amazing talent with solid understanding of my business needs.

I would highly recommend Lisa she is talented, savvy and dedicated to her customers satisfaction.”


Ann Ramos

Owner- Distinctive Events Boston

 “Starting a new business is never easy, and a lack of support makes it that much harder. If it were not for you, good business ideas would not get developed. You have a great talent for helping people to get their ideas down on paper. The bio and speech you wrote for me was excellent. I was able to get my point across to my audience. The copy you wrote for my social website Speakeroo.org really makes it easy for people to understand and use the site. Speakeroo is a big success thanks to you Lisa.
I look forward to working with you again any time I need copy or a speech.”

With thanks and appreciation,
Michael Stevenson- Speakeroo.org Founder

“I’ve known Lisa for many, many years and have had the pleasure to work with her on more than one occasion. Lisa is a “phenomenal” individual. I don’t say this about many people. Lisa has the ability to do so many things; writing, editing, recruiting, sourcing, blogging, and so on. She has to be one of the MOST talented individuals that I know. I don’t think that I’ve ever heard her utter the words – “I don’t think I can…” She has stepped up to the plate for me on so many tough missions – I’ve lost count. She jumps in with BOTH feet on everything…there is no such thing as a “comfort zone” to her. If you have the opportunity to work with Lisa you will be beyond amazed.”

Rhonda Wallace  
Manager of H.R. and Recruiting at Infostretch.com

Lisa Florenzen was a great asset on our Boise promotional marketing teams! She was such a team player for us. We received wonderful feedback from our brand managers that Lisa arrived early, consistently had a positive attitude with her teammates and customers, and was willing to complete any task asked of her. Lisa was even willing to drive several hours to help us out with an out-of-town activation with hardly any notice at all! Lisa is the definition of a team player with a positive attitude. I would absolutely work with Lisa again, and any company would be lucky to have her aboard their team! 

Corey Clarke
Health and Fitness Activations