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Need help in bridging the gap between what you have and what you need? We can help you find the funding for you or your business.

Maybe you need a bridge loan to clean up some credit issues, or money to expand your present business, perhaps buy some equipment Kabomb Consulting can find the financing to ease your money woes.

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Personal/Business Funds – 

Need to consolidate some bills, expand your business or purchase some equipment for your venture?
We have a solution and it won’t take long to find out if you’re eligible. Click here…

Payroll Bridge Loans –

Maybe you’re waiting on client payables to come in but payroll still needs to happen. A little short on funds?
Let’s take care of that worry for you. Click here for relief…

Zero Fees Merchant Processing –

Yea, yea, yea. You’ve heard it all when it comes to saving fees, BUT has anyone of those merchant processors offered

you to keep 100% of your debit/credit card swipes? Didn’t think so. Click here for the ultimate solution…